Concrete Repair


Concrete foundations are a popular choice among both residential and commercial property developers because of the design flexibility as well as their strengthen and ability to withstand weight. But they are not immune to issues that cause them damage and need repair. Allen Foundation Repair Experts provides exceptional diagnosis and cracked concrete foundation repair. As a fully licensed, certified and insured contractor we have the experience and wide breadth of knowledge you are seeking for foundation repairs, whether concrete, pier and beam or block and base. We take our time to provide you with free foundation inspection estimates so that you are able to make informed decisions about your budget and foundation repair needs.

Cracks and Fissures
Though concrete is an affordable and popular option for foundations of commercial and residential properties, it is not infallible. Cracks and Fissures do occur when heavy moisture or poor construction and soil shifts occur. When you require crack concrete foundation repair, you need an expert contractor that understands the science of concrete mixing in your particular environment. Soil, moisture as well as floor leveling are integral elements that must be accurately identified for accurate foundation leveling and foundation repair. Changes in temperature also create concrete cracks. When your soil is pulsing from expansion and contraction due to heat and moisture, a foundation floor crack is a typical occurrence.

Types of Cracks
Though cracks in concrete a common feature of the material there are some foundation cracks that are more worrisome than other. If you have cracks that are either vertical or diagonal, this is typically a sign that your concrete is suffering from shrinkage. This is common when concrete is newly installed because as it dries or cures, the concrete becomes smaller. Black and base concrete foundation have this issue and it’s often a good strategy to employ a professional assessment to determine if they crack is more than just shrinkage. But more serious issues happen when you see horizontal cracks. This is usually from water damage from heavy rain that eventually takes a toll on your foundation.  We highly recommend urgent attention to repairing concrete cracks of this nature.

Water Damage
You may be asking yourself if repairing your concrete foundation crack is worth the effort of the money. Allen Foundation Repair Experts provides the best top affordable prices and high quality workmanship for cracks in your concrete foundation. There are a variety of solutions to ensure your property investment is protected. Structural damage repair due to bulges in your wall that creep up from foundation cracks as well as sloping floors are effectively eliminated with the help of our foundation repair specialists. Water damage is typically the culprit in these instances and the presence of standing water as well as problems with your gutter installation can take a toll on your concrete foundation.

Whether your concrete foundation is experiencing settling problems or has more serious need for repairs due to water drainage, we have the expert solutions you need. Some contractors may simply look at a crack or fissure and slap some more concrete over the problem. This is a temporary repair and you will soon see cracks in the very same area with changes in moisture and temperature. There are a variety of well proven methods that we use for structural damage repair that are long lasting. When you call us for a free foundation inspection estimate we can discuss all your options.