Foundation Repair in Allen, TX


Your foundation is a critical feature of your home that ensures you are protected from the outside environment. When problems arise beneath your home at the foundation level,  the structural integrity of it is at risk and you need expertise to quickly repair the damage. Allen Foundation Repair is always at the ready with a wide variety of well-proven solutions for a range of foundation styles. 

Whether you have a pier and beam, block and base or slab foundation, we have the experience and skills to provide you with successful foundation repair methods that are affordable long-term actions. Your property is an investment and we have assisted countless clients repair both minimal and extensive foundation repair damages. 

About Us
From floor leveling, cracked slab, and settling problems to the structural damage repair of commercial and residential property, Allen Foundation Repair is here to eliminate the root causes. Our exceptional foundation repair methods are well known throughout the region as accurate solutions to tough problems.

As a fully licensed, certified and insured foundation repair company, we possess state of the art equipment and we only use high quality products. This ensures your property is in safe hands and is able to withstand tough environmental concerns like flooding and soil shifting or pulsing. We are passion about customizing solutions to your foundation problems because we know a one-size-fits-all approach is not appropriate for any property. 


Our Services

If you’re seeking a foundation repair company that provides accurate and well proven solutions for your property, look no further than Allen Foundation Repair Experts. We are the leading foundation repair service in the region that offers a full range of services and we pride ourselves in high quality workmanship, honest free foundation inspection estimates and affordable prices. If the cost of fixing your foundation is keeping you from getting the job done, you don’t have to delay the work anymore. We understand that your home and commercial property is a value investment and delays in repairs often complicate the task and wreak more havoc. We are a trusted source of foundation repairs and you have the peace of mind that our services long lasting well-proven methods that are customized to your specific foundation.


Slab Repair

Cracks in your slab foundation are often the result of what is called soil pulsing. This contraction and expansion of soil is often the result of the type of soil you have, in addition to the drying and moisture change it goes through during heavy rain and drought periods. Allen Foundation Repair Experts can quickly assess what type of slab repair is needed with our free foundation inspection estimate and make an accurate diagnosis and solution.


Pier & Beam Repair

Many older home in the region have this type of foundation prior to the use of concrete slab foundations. It is an effective design strategy is locations where your topography is considered low lying. This will prevent water damage from flooding and allow easy access to utilities under your crawl space foundation. But like many features of homes, it does require repair. Moisture and mold are two the biggest culprits that can cause the need for structural damage repair.


Drainage Repair​

Without proper drainage, water can wreak havoc on the integrity of your foundation. Flooding, long standing pools of water, and saturation of soil around your foundation are issues that should be quickly addressed. You can avoid far more complicated foundation repairs by calling our specialists to evaluate your property. This will determine if yours is at risk and the extent of the damage. Our foundation repair specialists possess a wealth of knowledge about the topography of the region after decades successful work.

Concrete Repair

Concrete is the most popular material for building both residential and commercial foundations. This is due to its design flexibility as well as its affordability. Concrete foundations are able to withstand heavy weight, which makes it the perfect solution for tall building that heavy design features like elevators. But if it is constructed poorly, you could find yourself searching online for “leveling my foundation” solutions. We are perfectly placed to provide the well proven repairs you need for your cracked concrete.



Many commercial properties use concrete foundation and one of the most common features of damage are cracks and fissures from settlement problems and moisture. This could be due to poor construction or drainage problems. Whatever the scenario, we are able to provide you with the best top affordable solutions that eliminate soil and moisture conditions that negatively affect your commercial property. As a foundation repair contractor company we work with both residential and commercial properties to ensure the protection of foundations.


Gutter Installation

Most of us don’t think about gutter installation systems until water is gushing out of them. Broken and old gutters can wreak havoc around your property. Water is likely to fall into the closest point without an operating system. Your windows, doorways and foundation are all at risk when your gutters need replacement. As an expert foundation repair company, we know that a working gutter system provides immense protection this area so we also focus our work installation of high quality gutters. 

“We have an older home so we knew we needed a company that is well established to repair our pier and beam foundation. Allen Foundation Repair Experts came highly recommended by people we knew with the same foundation.” – Ben T.

“Our house had a truly big crack in the floor and we thought it would just be impossible to repair. But they did an amazing job and we can’t say enough good things about their work.” – Taylor G.

“When researching gutter installation, we reviewed all the pros and cons of each style and we thought we knew everything, but they definitely knew more and gave us great guidance. We hired them on the spot.” – Margie W.

Contact Us

When you want to contact Allen Foundation Repair Experts we are readily available through a number of communication pathways. Whether you call us via phone or contact us via our social media platforms and online chat, we readily respond to requests for free foundation inspection estimates and to schedule appointments for foundation repairs. As a full service foundation repair company, you can expect us to have expertise on each style, including block and base, slab repair,  pier and beam as well as house leveling techniques. If you want well proven solutions and excellent customer services, contact the leading company in the region that also offers the best top affordable prices.