Pier and Beam Repair


Generations ago pier and beam foundations also called crawl space foundations were a typical residential foundation, however with modern advances, many homes are not built with slab foundation. However, if you have an older home you may have a pier and beam foundation and you need a contractor that has deep knowledge for repairs. Allen Foundation Repair Experts possess decades of knowledge for the signs and symptoms that require attention to prevent your home from experiencing structural damage. Soil erosion is the most common problem for pier and beam foundations and we have deep experience to help you combat the issues to keep your home from developing stability problems.

Professional Inspection
It’s not always easy to see damage to your foundation and many times we have assisted clients who have waited until it’s visible to the naked eye. By this time the damage is usually extensive and can cost far more money and time to repair. Rather than relying on your own instincts to issue of poor construction or moisture damage before you fix foundation problems, call Allen Foundation Repair Experts. We conduct free foundation inspection estimates. In the end, early detection of settling problems to your pier and beam foundation can save you thousands of dollars. We look for several issues such as mold and mildew under your crawl space foundation as well doors and windows that appeal out of alignment from soil sifting.

Cause for Damage
The number one culprit of pier and beam foundation damage is typically high moisture in the soil around it and the regular drying then wet affect. This expansion and contraction created instability and settlement problems so that the piers and beams are moving with each shift of soil.  This pulsing action has severe implications and you will eventually see the effect inside your home when your door frames and window frames are no longer in alignment. These are essentially drainage issues that can be rectified with our foundation repair services. If you have floors that now cracking or now feel bouncy, this is also an indication that

Expert Repairs
Because you have a crawl space foundation it s not difficult for our foundation repair specialists to gain entry underneath to correct issues such as plumbing, drainage and electricity. We look for mold and musty odors that can easily develop in pier and beam foundations. You will find that termites become a common problem when drainage and moisture issues are not quickly resolved, but when you have our specialists assistance, we can make quick assessments and expert repairs by controlling these issues. Getting rid of pooling water and drainage correction as well as repairs to gutters and downspouts are particularly important.

Water Damage Prevention
Early detection of water damage is critical to protect your home. When the land around your property is pooling with water, your pier and beam foundation is sure to experience some type of damage over time. Standing water as well as mold and mildew are problems that can easily be detected and solved with early prevention. Allen Foundation Repair Experts provides early detection as well as expert repairs to extreme damage of your pier and beam foundation. As a decades of foundation repair specialist team, you can expect well proven and successful methods employed to protect the financial investment that is your home. We can also help you to repair blocked drainage.