Slab Repair


As a homeowner in Texas you may not have a crawl space or basement in your home and instead your home was built on a concrete slab. This is a common construction feature of homes in the south because of the simplicity and efficiency it provides builders. As a homeowner, you have less stress about flooding that happens in other regions or states or pest infestations like termites that invade crawl space foundation. But slab foundations do require repair and when needed Allen Foundation Repair Experts is at your service with exceptional workmanship. When you employ us your can expect our foundation repair experts to provide accurate and efficient solutions that protect the integrity of your home.

Temperature Fluctuations
Though it might not seem like a big deal to your comfort, temperature changes for a slab foundation can wreak on its integrity. The hot and colder changes of temperature can cause crack slab and your foundation repair expert should be prepared to explain why. Slab foundation installation and repair is based on the science of concrete mixture and temperature. It is generally agreed that there is an ideal climate in which your slab foundation should have been poured to protect its lifespan and integrity. Poor construction of slab foundations typically happens when there is a lack of climate consideration and or if the slab was not poured thick enough to prevent deterioration. Our contractors are able to provide an assessment to determine the root cause of your cracked slab and make exceptional repairs.

Water Damage
Perhaps you had long-term plumbing problems or heavy rainfall without property drainage and now you see the toll it’s taken on your slab foundation. Other than poor construction, water damage is one the main culprits for slab foundation repair. Over time, moisture seeps into concrete causing it to weaken. We can quickly determine whether you have broken plumbing or standing water from a poor operating gutter system, by conducting a thorough evaluation of your property. Water damage is a challenge that should be quickly addressed to prevent deeper fissures and fractures from occurring in your slab foundation. Over time, you will begin to see damage not only to your foundation but also to the exterior of your home on features like brick facing as well as your interior walls and ceilings

Eliminate Damage From Trees
Termites, rats and other wild life might not wreak havoc on your slab foundation, but trees can. If you have landscaping with trees, assessing their proximity to your home is a good strategy. This ensures protection from overextended roots that can easily grow to crack or break your slab foundation. Over time this jeopardizes the stability of home. We can consult with your landscaper to provide feedback and advice that protects your slab foundation from further damage by tree roots. Soil shifting is one obvious sign, but an assessment by a professional foundation repair specialist is a far better strategy to determine structural damages.

Variety of Repairs
When you need foundation repair, we have deep expertise in a wide variety of methods that ensure the restoration of cracked slab. Epoxy and polyurethane are to of the most popular methods fill in cracks to reinforce fractured areas. These sealants provide you with the peace of mind that they will separate again leading to further structural damage repairs.