​Drainage Repair


If your home is in a low lying area and you are experiencing pools of standing water around your foundation, your drainage may not be working effectively. You need efficient and accurate repairs to protect your home or you could be facing extensive and time consuming damage. Allen Foundation Repair Experts is the best top affordable specialist in the region. We provide free foundation inspection estimate to determine the exact nature of your drainage problems. We provide countless clients in the region with peace of mind, whether you own a commercial or residential property, we have decades of experience to guide you in appropriate drainage repair methods.

Professional Evaluation
There are several signs that your property may be experiencing a serious drainage problem, but as an amateur you may not see them. Sadly, this is the case with many homeowners and delaying repairs for drainage problems can cause extensive and expensive structural damage. As a professional, fully licensed and certified foundation repair specialist, we have the expertise you need for free foundation inspection estimates. This also includes accurate diagnosis of your drainage problems around your foundation. When you call upon Allen Foundation Repair Experts, you have the peace of mind knowing that you will receive an accurate account of drainage problems from a professional and experience evaluation team.

Humidity and Mold
You’re heading downstairs into your basement and you notice the paint on the walls is puffy or there are deposits of white and gray chalky crust. You might even have trouble breathing from what are likely mineral deposits from water that was on the walls from leaking. Condensation in your basement is a sure sign you likely have drainage problems that can threaten your foundation. Our foundation repair experts can come to your rescue to find the improper drainage areas and repair them. We offer the best top affordable foundation repair you will find in the region. Some of this may occur because your gutters and downspouts are not functioning properly.

Maybe it rained all night and when you stepped downstairs into your basement, you were ankle deep in water. It’s not the first time this happened and now you can no longer ignore the issue. You have a drainage problem that needs immediate repair. It could be your drainage around the foundation of your home or it could be your gutters and downspouts dumping water around your foundation, rather than efficiently channeling into the drain. Gallons of water over time can wreak havoc on your foundation and you need a gutter system that is either replaced or repaired. When your drainage system is functioning poorly, your soil’s capacity to absorb becomes threatened. Soil erosion is often a culprit of structural damage and the need for foundation repair. 

Foundation Cracks
If you have foundation cracks or patchy soggy soil that never seems to disappear you probably already know by now that you have a drainage problem and it needs repair. You’ve searched online for solutions and now your searching for the most top rated foundation repair specialist in the region. Search for “foundation companies near me,” you will see that we are one of the leading contractors you can trust to repair foundation cracks. Before the cracks get bigger and deeper from poor drainage, call us to make accurate diagnosis and repairs. We also offer concrete repair service.