As a business you require a safe and attractive looking location and your foundation is a critical element that ensures you can operate smoothly, but like all parts of a structure it needs attention when there are problems. You want a reputable commercial foundation repair contractor that will make an accurate assessment and repair your structure efficiently and with skill. Allen Foundation Repair Experts offers an affordable plan for fix foundation problems. Whether you have settlement issues, sloping flooring or cracks that in your concrete, we are able to quickly detect the issues with a free foundation inspection estimate and provide you with a detailed plan of action for structural damage repair.

Residential versus Commercial
Not all foundation repair contractor companies are created equal. The demands of commercial foundation are much different. A commercial property foundation typically needs to support a much larger and heavy load than a residential foundation. When you have a larger building it needs more support, particularly when you add the weight of parking cars and installation of elevators and other heavy features that commercial buildings usually possess. This changes how a foundation is built as well as the skill needed to repair it. If you’re seeking the best top affordable foundation repair in the region, Allen Foundation Repair Experts provides you with the skill and peace of mind you are seeking.

Trees are a valuable investment in your commercial property, but their roots can wreak havoc on the foundation of your commercial property if they are not well managed. We offer expertise for the repair of tree root damage to commercial foundations. There are signs that you may be missing, but some of the most obvious includes cracked pavements and cracked pipes. Over time you may begin to see problems with your plumbing. We specialized in the repair of cracked concrete foundation and you can expect an accurate diagnosis of structural damages and a quick and efficient repair by our foundation repair specialists. Root barrier installation is one of the most typically methods of repair that you can expect.

Leaky Pipes
If your commercial property is facing poor drainage, you may have leaking pipes and eventually even bigger problems with your foundation. This also leads to water wastage that could be into the thousands of gallons if not accurately and quickly repaired. Water damage leads to your foundation becoming saturated with water and eventually becoming so fat and too weak to be a safe structure and will also cause foundation sinking. The continuous moisture and drying effect cause shrinking and expansion, but with inspection to determine the root cause, we can identify where the leak stems from and repair it with a number of well proven and successful methods.

Weather Induced Foundation Damage
Cold then warm weather as well as rain and long weeks or months of drought can cause the expansion and contraction of soil around your foundation. These soil patters can wreak havoc on your foundation and put it at risk for cracks and fissures. Signs for foundation damage are not always visiting until you may see your foundation floor crack under the harsh conditions of weather, even strong gusts of winds over extended periods of time can take a toll on the condition of your commercial foundation. But when you employ our free foundation inspection, you can expect an accurate account of repair methods. We can also help you to install the gutter.